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The Player Characters
Aurelio Abesti
Felwin Jetix
Gabri’al Ap Eld
Sauria Sylvanna
Roshi Rustshadow
Violca of the Foxcliffe Family

Feathergale Spire
Helvenblade House
Red Larch
Rivergard keep
Sacred Stone Monastery
Summit Hall

Groups and Organizations
Death Wing Orc Tribe
Elk Tribe – Uthgardt Barbarians
the Feathergale Society
Knights of Samular
Severin Silvereye’s Spectacular Show

Aerisi Kalinoth – Winged Elven princess of the air cult
Balon Swifthammer – Master smith from Citadel Indbar.
Bruldenthar – Dwarven sage from Mirabar
Darathra Shendrel – Lord Protector of Triboar
Gert Swifthammer – Master military commander from Citadel Indbar
Jerish Masmarrin – Half-orc ranger in Everlund
Krowen Valharrow – Elderly wizard at moongleam Tower
Kamal the Cold – Captain of the fastest ship on the Dessarin
Marlos Urnrayle – Gorgon leader of the Earth Cult
Mormesh First-Claw – Mist Wolf Uthgardt
Orna Montericci – Former Black Earth Guard
Renwick Caradoon – Undead Wizard in Sacred Stone Monastery
Selise – Master carver and forger in Yarar.
Sir Venbjorn – A Knight of Samular
Thurl Merosska
Umsheryoth (Umsher Brown) – The “Family Ghost” Of Helvenblade.
Urlam Stockspool – Businessman in Triboar
Ushien Stormbanner – Leader of the Knights of Samular at Summit Hall
Ventarian Ressilin – Member of the Spectacular Show
Vincenz Lorian – Air cultist and Waterdhavian Noble

Emerald Enclave
Lords Alliance
Order of the Gauntlet
Cult of the Black Earth
Cult of the Crushing Wave
Cult of the Howling Hatred

Main Page

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