The Troupe

Beneath the Mines


As the gargoyle descended toward the party, Roshi threw herself toward Aurelio who stood directly in the path of the flying stone monstrosity. Immediately behind the bard a door of vines and mist appeared and both Aurelio and Roshi fell through. The gargoyle passed through empty air.

In that moment, Gabe heard the voice of his queen in his mind. “The bargain has been struck.” An unfamiliar male voice followed. “And Recorded.” The door of mist and vines then twisted in place and out of the door came a Mulhorandi Cleric (Sauria.)

With little time to converse the three adventurers fended off the gargoyles which swooped and circled, trying to knock them from the stone path into the dark depths below. Gabe protected the others while Sauria’s divine magics and Felwin’s pick destroyed the creatures.

After the fight Gabe held a short palaver with his queen where he was assured that she “simply needed new conversation partners” and that she “may even return one of them after a short time.” The three adventurers then introduced themselves and proceeded deeper into the ancient dwarven ruins.

Through a set of giant, ancient doors carved with a pastoral scene they came upon a group of hobgoblins, a man in stony armor, and his bulette mount. Sauria informed them that she wished to speak with Marlos as he had something that belonged to her. Sensing reticence from the stony-armored leader she then attacked with her guiding bolt.

Fierce battle ensued and the three were nearly overwhelmed, barely bringing down the monstrous bulette and its master. A single hobgoblin escaped the fight, running deeper into the complex.

Sauria then cast speak with dead on the leader and was able to determine that prisoners are taken to someonw called “Heldorm” who has a workshop “to the southwest.” Sensing that they may not be ready for immediate battle the three made their way back up the ancient stair to rest in the Monastery above. Before settling in, Gabe showed Sauria to the scriptorium where she was able to review a copy of the testament of Marlos Urnrayle.

They then rested in a dormitory withing the monastery, with Felwin taking the first watch.


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