The Troupe

Oksort and Ildmane

As the giants and orogs thundered southward toward town, the magmins fanned out from the road, lighting nearby buildings on fire while the orcish axebeak riders fanned even further outward to flank the town and distract any defenders.

Gabe, seeing the nature of the threat, Thaumaturgically commanded the fleeing townspeople to either run southward or take shelter inside the tower. At the same time, Sauria and Darathra headed for the top of the tower by stairs while Aurelio headed up by levitation. Felwin ran eastward, seeing an Axebeak running between buildings. Aurelio and Darathra began taking crossbow shots at the orcs to the East while Gabe and Darz ran to join the fighting to the West.

Sauria, wanting to learn more, chose used her Cape of the Montebank to teleport herself and Aurelio toward the Giants. She then stepped into the open and asked that the Giants explain what was happening, that she might document this day. The male giant responded in Common, saying “Today is the day that Oksort and Ildmane retrieve a fragment of the Vonindod for Duke Zalto.”

Aurelio joined Othovir and Ghelryn in fighting the Orogs, and Othovir was felled during the fighting, later to be healed by Aurelio.

While the battle was fought in all directions, the giants reached the north campground and used their swords as shovels, hacking at the ground. After nearly a minute of digging, they pulled something large and metallic out of the hole and headed back northward with their orog bodyguards. The magmins, orcs and axebeaks had been killed off by this point, and the Troupe chose to let the giants go.


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